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Vespa 125 LX and Vespa Primavera 125 cc

vespa 125 rentalvespa rental
High-tech features complemented with sophisticated and elegant design, make this scooter highly desirable, whilst still paying a tribute to the classic Vespas of the 60s.
technical details of the Vespa LX 125 cc:
  • 4-stroke engine
  • electric start and automatic transmission
  • 2 persons admitted
To drive the vespa 125 LX in Umbria, the italian law requires only the car driving license. All the same you shouldn't be a complete beginner, but have at least some previous experience driving a scooter

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PRICES 60 110 155 200 240 280 320 40

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Ape cross 50cc Piaggio

ape rental
The Ape, a three-wheelers pick-up and first produced in 1948 by Piaggio, is a common sight in Italy where its compact size allows makes it easy to pass in narrow streets and park without problems.
technical details of the Ape cross 50 cc:
  • manual transmission
  • 2-stroke engine
  • 1 person only
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PRICES 60 110 155 200 240 280 320 40

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Vespa 250 cc Granturismo and Vespa 300 GTS Piaggio

scooter rental italyvespa rental italy
The introduction of the GTS 250 represented the first time fuel injection had ever been included on a Vespa scooter. This, along with a larger engine (vs. the GT200) and improved handling, made the GTS 250 easily the most capable Vespa ever made to date.
technical details of the Vespa 250 Granturismo:
  • automatic transmission
  • 4-stroke engine
  • 2 persons admitted

To drive the vespa 250 cc GT and 300 GTS you need the motorcycle licence

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PRICES 75 140 195 250 300 345 390 45

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Ape Calessino 450 cc Diesel, Piaggio

calessino rental italy
The Ape Calessino, undisputed icon of italian style and unique personality vehicle, pays homage to its roots with a special limited edition. It's the perfect reinterpretation of the fabulous design of the 60s which reminds the unforgettable charme of the “Dolce Vita” period. Flexible 4 seater with folding soft top in a retro style with white stripe tyres and wood inserts.
technical details of the Ape Calessino 450 cc Diesel Piaggio:
  • manual transmission
  • 4-stroke direct injection diesel engine, 422cc
  • 4 persons admitted (driver + 3 passengers)
  • low speed over 60 mph
  • low consumption and high-level ecological ape

To drive the Ape Calessino you need the car licence. Better if you already have some experience with the manual transmission (typical for the old vespas, too).

PRICE 120€ per day

Ape Calessino 200 cc Piaggio

calessino rental umbria
Ape Calessino 200 pays homage to the history of a unique vehicle and offers a uniquely exclusive concept of mobility for the most stylish places. It symbolises a lifestyle and embodies an elegant, exclusive minimalism that escapes today's frenetic rhythms to rediscover the value of places, people and friendship.
The new Ape Calessino 200 with its innate cheeky character is the lightest variant of the Ape Calessino and designed to comfortably accommodate two passengers plus the driver. It is an absolutely original vehicle that stands apart from the crowd with its inimitable personality and unique design. The folding soft-top is an invitation to enjoy the open air and the scenery, even during the shortest journey, while the robust four-stroke single-cylinder engine sips fuel and makes the Calessino nimble enough for even the tightest of spaces.
With its all new, more compact dimensions, it is agile and easily manoeuvrable, and even more at ease than ever in any possible situation.
Complementing the traditional toughness and agility of the Ape, with its tiny turning circle, manual gearbox and tireless new 200 cc 4 stroke engine, are a timeless design and pleasingly vintage details that make this an exclusive vehicle that is a joy to drive.
technical details of the Ape Calessino 200 cc Piaggio:
  • manual transmission
  • 4-Taktmotor Motor Einzylinder Hubraum 200 cm³
  • 4-stroke single-cylinder petrol engine, which produces 7.5 kW and is mated to a classic four-speed (plus reverse) gearbox
  • 3 persons admitted (driver + 2 passengers)
  • low consumption and high-level ecological ape

In Italy, this latest addition to the Ape family can be ridden legally by persons over 16 with a category A1 licence, and by persons over 18 with a normal category B passenger car license.

PRICE 90€ per day


vespa lx 125
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