Our Team



Creator of Umbria in Vespa with a passion for Umbria and Vespas, Claudia wanted to SHARE her experiences riding her Vespa along the roads of Umbria (and not only Umbria). Before letting her customers start off on their trip, she makes sure that they are sitting comfortably in their saddles and gives them the very best advice (in Italian, English, German and French) for having a wonderful day on their Vespas.



The handyman and general support that is essential for Umbria in Vespa. Marco can do (almost) anything, and here in the Oasis there are always repairs to get done, changes to make and new ideas to put into practice.



The kindest dog ever and the heart of our staff! She is too gentle to be a guard dog: a very short time after she arrived she became our welcoming committee.


Federico alias Chicco:

Federico lives in England so is only here with us occasionally. He was born in Magione just down the road, but always surprises us with his London slang. He is the boss (that is, Lela’s and Lilly’s supervisor). Chicco has no supervisors at all.


Julian e Liam Acquah:

The second and third generation (possibly the future owners of Umbria in Vespa).



She was given to us by the RAI (Italian RadioTV), and she would have liked spend her time sleeping in engines, where she often hid when she was a kitten. After she had lived a few days in the Vespa Oasis, near the lake, we decided to take her up to the office in Agello, where she works as the secretary and deals with suppliers.